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FOCUS BARI is launching its strategic partnership with YouGov, the fastest growing online research company in the world! The aim of the partnership between the two companies is to bring into the Greek market, unique, dynamic and integrated solutions such as BrandIndex and Profiles, which will help the people behind the brands to use a unified information source for all their actions: from research to strategy and evaluation. Today, as developments in most industries are rapid due to the digital transformation and becoming even more direct due to consumer habits established by the recent pandemic, the constant communication of businesses and brands with their audiences through modern tools and platforms, is of crucial importance for the healthy development of businesses and brands.

As Valeria Tsami, Managing Director of FOCUS BARI, stated, "The vision of Focus Bari and YouGov has in common the word 'connection'. Through this strategic partnership we continue to strengthen the connection of our brands / customers with their own customers / consumers, while at the same time integrating Greece into a global & prestigious online research network that listens to the voice of 9.6 million people in 44 countries”.

According to Stephan Shakespeare, Chief Executive & Founder of YouGov, "We are very pleased to be expanding YouGov's network in Greece through our partnership with Focus Bari, a reliable, well-established and high-quality service company that connects us common values ​​and philosophy. Greece is a country with an amazing history and a bright future, and we are happy to be part of it."

The official announcement will be made on Wednesday, July 8, through a pioneering online launch event, in which Anna Karadimitriou, Vice President, Head of CX & Innovation of Focus Bari, will present a "sample" of this "international voice", through international research that for the first time includes Greece and is carried out exclusively for this event. The results will be commented on a panel by Xenia Kourtoglou, Founder of Focus Bari, Stephan Shakespeare, Co-Founder and CEO of YouGov, Harris Broumidis, President & CEO of Vodafone Greece, Kostas Gerardos, Managing Director of Plaisio Computers  and  Michalis Tsiknakis, Founder & Managing Director of Cosmos Sport. The event will take place through the Clickevents platform and will be coordinated by Maria Nikoltsiou, Anchorwoman at Alpha TV and Alpha 989.

ANNA KARADIMITRIOU, Vice President of FOCUS BARI, Judge at the GULF CX AWARDS 2020 in Dubai

One of the few CX expert specialists in Greece,  certified member of CXPA (Customer Experience Professionals Association) Anna Karadimitriou, Vice President and Head of CX & Innovation at Focus Bari is currently at Dubai, invited as a member of the Judging Committee at the CX Gulf Awards 2020.During the last few years, Customer Experience comprises the utmost mission in the culture, development, and success of more and more organizations across the globe, hence the specialization developed at Focus Bari by Anna Karadimitriou and her team works towards inspiring, consulting and offering adequate solutions to organizations aiming at continuously developing their CX offer.  
The long-term experience in humanistic studies, in combination with a sharp business perspective and understanding, make a leading researcher like Anna, the ideal CX expert consultant for any organization. 
Regarding the invitation by the GULF CX Awards 2020, Anna said:  “I’m pleased to announce that I have been selected as a judge for the Gulf Customer Experience Awards 2020 in the Customers at the Heart of Everything category! The event is a chance to hear inspiring presentations from some of the world’s top companies, assess their entries and offer actionable feedback to the finalists.  Most presentations are open to other attendees so the amount of best practice on display will be astonishing - I will return to my work full of fresh perspectives on improving the customer experience.  Beyond that, the presence of hundreds of top professionals means the networking opportunities are second-to-none. I’m really looking forward to exchanging ideas at the event, connecting with a range of business leaders and broadening my horizons”.   
Read more about GULF CX Awards 2020

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The first B2B Study on Coaching in Greece by Focus Bari

On November 13, 2019, the 15th HR People Empowerment Forum was conducted at Ktima Ariadni, with Keynote Speaker Dr. Richard Boyatzis, who presented his last book and work titled “Coaching with Compassion” (instead of Coaching with Compliance).  Xenia Kourtoglou of Focus Bari was a guest speaker at the conference, and presented the results of the first B2B Study in Greece regarding Coaching.  Coaching is a growing function among Greek and multinational organizations, aiming a supporting teams in change management, as well as personal and professional goals achievement.  Results indicated that Coaching, although well known as a term, still requires a lot of education as to its function, procedures, prerequisites and benefits, in order to expand further with success.

 See the presentation here

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Fοcus Bari at Sοcial Media World

Xenia Kourtoglou Founder of Focus Bari Keynote Speaker at the Annual Social Media World

The Annual SOcial Media & e-business world  conference, exhibition and workshops took place at the Divani Caravel Hotel with huge success on September 27, 2019 and Xenia Kourtoglou of Focus Bari was invited as a keynote speaker to present social media through the eyes and the hearts of Greek citizens.  Xenia presented in detail the puzzle of generations in the Greek society, the presence, role and relationship of Greeks with the social media, and the implications they have in people's daily life, in society and in commercial communication of organizations and brands.


See the presentation here


Our approach always meets your goals

Choosing some of the most common cases where market research is not only necessary but can be proven valuable, even crucial, we use this section to outline some of our basic strategic approaches to our clients' needs, so you can get a preview of the way we work at Focus Bari: Forming a tight team with you, first we work towards fine tuning your objectives, and then we design the optimum solution using the ideal combination of our knowledge, experience and knowhow, backdata, infra-structure, and variety of exclusive (international and local) research "tools" and methodologies.

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Bari S.M.A.R.T.

At Focus Bari we are proud to boast for our Media Surveys success, a success which stems from our strategy, investment, initiative on the specific research sector since our launch.

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Market Research

Focus on Why: Qualitative research at Focus Bari

Within the contemporary context of booming technology and big data, Focus Bari aims at making the best out of the timeless value of Qualitative research; the most direct, exploratory and analytical kind of research is being constantly challenged to adapt to the new environment.

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Focus on Tech Life

FOCUS BARI has always been monitoring all key developments in the Greek society; to this end, we started measuring the relationship of Greek people with mobile telephony since its launch in 1993; two years later, in 1995 we started measuring the penetration of internet among the Greeks, and that of broadband upon its launch in 2008.

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Experiences Survey

3 Reasons for enrolling in our Syndicated Experiences Survey

Join a study that directly evaluates Greek consumers’ experiences with a variety of industries, surpassing client lists and touchpoints.

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Focused Reports

Markets evolve and people change. As far as your audience is concerned, look beyond what “you think you know” and connect with it “as they really are”
Focused reports give you an analytic feedback on consumption and lifestyle habits as well as technology literacy and Media consumption of the audience of your interest either this regards demographic subgroups or industry related targets

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Focus on Wisdom

The workshops that we design and conduct at Focus Bari aim at creating and defining the most appropriate strategies and action plans for your business, and, through their group dynamics techniques, succeed in absolutely empowering your working teams.

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