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According to a new global survey conducted by Focus Bari | YouGov in 17 countries, the pandemic year has brought about new shopping habits as well as consumption of specific food categories and food delivery habits among the Greeks.  Actually, the survey showed that:

  • Four out of ten Greeks shopped supermarket goods online at least once during the pandemic, and one out of three intend to keep this habit in the future.
  • 13% say they prefer the online channel as their main one for supermarket shopping, while 9% intend to adopt this habit in the future, as well.
  • As far as specific sources are concerned, nine out of ten have shopped at least once directly from the e-shop of their supermarket of preference, while one out of three have also shopped supermarket goods via the app of a food delivery service.
  • More than one in three Greeks have increased consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables during the pandemic, as well as that of house cleaning products.
  • On the contrary, the survey notes a considerable drop in the purchase of pre-cooked meals, ready meals and alcohol.

You can see or download the full presentation of the study here


RESEARCH NEXT! Let’s open the dialogue

The virtual event on The Next Day for MRX organised by SEDEA and the Institute of Communication took place on March 24th

Guest speaker was Anne-Sophie Damelincourt, Blue Lemon Insight & Strategy – Founder & Owner | former ESOMAR Council Member I Treasurer.

In the same panel there were also:

  • Valeria Tsamis, President of SEDEA | Managing Director, FOCUS BARI,
  • Angela Stathopoulou, ESOMAR Representative | Partner-Research Director, METRON ANALYSIS,
  • Maria Chryssicopoulou, Head of Customer Research & Customer Insights, OPAP, 
  • Kostas Houndas, Strategy and Business Analytics Officer, TEMPO-OMD
  • Aimilia Tseimazidou, President of IoC | Chairman attp group

The event was attended by 57 companies and more than 75 participants in several sectors.

The video of the event and key take-outs can be found here  

RESEARCH NEXT KeyTakeOuts 1200x1200px 06

Valeria Tsamis, Elected Member of the Board of EASE

The members of EASE elected the new Board of Directors for the years 2021-2023 during the annual General Assembly hybrid meeting, which was held on Wednesday, February 24 2021 in the Amphitheater of OTE Academy.

Valeria Tsamis, Managing Director of FOCUS BARI, was re-elected and continues to contribute to EASE, this time as a Full Member of the Board. Between 2018-2020, Valeria served as an alternate Board member and Head of the very dynamic Task Force for Equal Opportunities in Leadership dealing with the issue of employment exclusion of 50+. In her speech as a candidate, Valeria mentioned: “I still feel the same enthusiasm and I really want to have the opportunity to contribute more in the coming 3 years because I know – both through my previous participation in the Board as well as though the studies that FOCUS BARI has conducted on behalf of EASE – that the needs of the members are multidimensional and the challenges even greater due to the pandemic”.

During the General Assembly Meeting, Valeria Tsamis presented the results of a survey conducted by FOCUS BARI on behalf of EASE among its members.

See more about the General Assembly in which the Minister of Finance, Mr. Christos Staikouras was the guest speaker.

See the Press Release about the new EASE Board of Directors.


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According to the latest Focus Bari Survey on the current life status of Greeks versus one year ago, it is found that

  • Three out of five Greeks (60%) report their daily life to be worse than one year ago, before the pandemic conditions, while less than one out of three (29%) say their daily life has not changed, and slightly over one in ten (11%) claim their daily life to be better nowadays, as compared to one year ago.
  • Daily life has become worse after one year of coronovirus for men more than women, for younger ages versus the older ones, and for Attica and Salonica as compared to the rest of Greece.
  • Among the considerable proportion (60%) who say their daily life has become worse, the main reasons are the lack of environment change (82%), the fact that they are fed up being continuously dressed in pajamas, jumbsuits and sports shoes (42% among all and 52% among women), and they have difficulty in keeping a balanced daily schedule (37%).
  • Also, for those who work remotely, their daily life has been worse because working from home makes it difficult for them to put boundaries between their personal and professional time, and the fact that they cannot focus on their work because of the house working conditions, and this makes them work longer hours.
  • On the other hand, the few Greeks who report a better daily life today versus one year ago, say so because they feel calmer/have less stress, they have more time to themselves, they devote no time in transportation in heavy traffic, they dress simpler and devote much less time in taking care of their appearance, and they have a better daily schedule!
  • Luckily, after one year of coronavirus, the vast majority (78%) of Greeks report their health status to be the same as one year ago before the start of the pandemic, while only 14% say their health is currently worse, but also, an 8% say their health has got better!
  • For those few who report a better health status than last year, the reasons are that they eat more healthily/cook at home, they exercise regularly/have adopted new/healthy daily habits, they sleep more/better and feel less stress as compared to one year ago, before the pandemic conditions were imposed.
  • On the other hand, for those whose health has become worse, the main reasons are exactly the opposite: they have gained weight/have been overeating, they don’t exercise, they don’t sleep well and they feel depressed, lonely or stressed and anxious.
  • Finally, it is noted that slightly over one out of three Greeks have started or increased at least one of a set of “not so healthy” habits during the pandemic year, these ranging from increased smoking cigarettes/electronic/substitutes to drinking alcohol, betting, overdoses of food supplements, etc.

You can find the whole presentation here


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Choosing some of the most common cases where market research is not only necessary but can be proven valuable, even crucial, we use this section to outline some of our basic strategic approaches to our clients' needs, so you can get a preview of the way we work at Focus Bari: Forming a tight team with you, first we work towards fine tuning your objectives, and then we design the optimum solution using the ideal combination of our knowledge, experience and knowhow, backdata, infra-structure, and variety of exclusive (international and local) research "tools" and methodologies.

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Bari S.M.A.R.T.

At Focus Bari we are proud to boast for our Media Surveys success, a success which stems from our strategy, investment, initiative on the specific research sector since our launch.

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Market Research

Focus on Why: Qualitative research at Focus Bari

Within the contemporary context of booming technology and big data, Focus Bari aims at making the best out of the timeless value of Qualitative research; the most direct, exploratory and analytical kind of research is being constantly challenged to adapt to the new environment.

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Focus on Tech Life

FOCUS BARI has always been monitoring all key developments in the Greek society; to this end, we started measuring the relationship of Greek people with mobile telephony since its launch in 1993; two years later, in 1995 we started measuring the penetration of internet among the Greeks, and that of broadband upon its launch in 2008.

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Experiences Survey

3 Reasons for enrolling in our Syndicated Experiences Survey

Join a study that directly evaluates Greek consumers’ experiences with a variety of industries, surpassing client lists and touchpoints.

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Markets evolve and people change. As far as your audience is concerned, look beyond what “you think you know” and connect with it “as they really are”
Focused reports give you an analytic feedback on consumption and lifestyle habits as well as technology literacy and Media consumption of the audience of your interest either this regards demographic subgroups or industry related targets

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The workshops that we design and conduct at Focus Bari aim at creating and defining the most appropriate strategies and action plans for your business, and, through their group dynamics techniques, succeed in absolutely empowering your working teams.

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