Frequent questions regarding our surveys

At Focus Bari we conduct a large variety of surveys on behalf of local and multinational organizations every year. Through these surveys we record information regarding consumers habits, trends, preferences on the usage of various products and services.
Both here and in other parts of our site you can find all the answers to the questions that we frequently receive regarding our surveys. However, if you wish to contact us directly so you can speak with a member of our staff for more information or a personal discussion, please press here.

Where can I see the results of a survey that I participated?

We frequently upload presentations of our surveys results which you can find in our site (link gia parousiaseis, kathos den vazoyme pia ta focusongreektrendz). Also, many of our surveys results are published in the Media, either directly from us, or through our customers. However, many of the surveys we conduct cannot be published, since their results are confidential to the customers who have commissioned them.
If, however, you wish to have more information regarding a survey that you participated, you can contact us directly

I was willing to participate in a survey but finally I did not. Why?

Frequently our surveys have some limitations regarding the different population subgroups that we have to cover in our sample design, in terms of age, gender, area, etc. Consequently, the only reason that you have not participated in a specific survey although you were willing to, most probably we had completed the target sample of your demographics. We thank you very much for your eagerness to cooperate with us, and we hope that in the future we will have the opportunity to contact you for one of our surveys; your opinion is always valuable to us!

Why does the interview last longer than you suggested in your introduction?

The duration of a questionnaire is a very important factor in the smooth conduct of an interview, therefore, when designing a questionnaire we do our best to estimate its completion duration. However, no matter how hard we try to estimate the interview duration with accuracy, the actual interview duration may be affected by a number of parameters, such as the habits or experiences of each respondent, which affect the number of questions that have to be administered, or the varying expression modes between people, or circumstances.

Do you have the right to conduct interviews with children?

If we have to conduct interviews with children under 15 years of age in one of our surveys, we should first have his/her parents permission. In case they are not at home at the time of the interview, we are obliged to get permission from any other person over 15 years of age who is with the child at home at the specific time. Opinions and views of children and young ages are extremely valuable in our surveys, and usually these young ages are difficult to find at home. Consequently, whenever we have the opportunity to take an interview from a child under 15 years of age, we will do it, under the above conditions and according to our Codes of Ethics and Conduct of Professional Market Research. Also, we strictly adhere to our Codes in the specific cases as described in the relevant Esomar.
We understand that some parents may believe that the same should hold for children over … years of age. If you have any hesitation regarding an interview that we have conducted with a child of this age, please contact us.

How can I feel sure that the information I share with you are safe?

At Focus Bari, we handle the matter of data security with absolute responsibility and professionalism. All our staff and interviewers are by contract committed to maintain all Codes of Ethics and Standards of Professional Market Research, both the international (ESOMAR) and those of our local organization (AGMORC)
Our interviewers inform you about the subject of each survey and you can rest assured that all information you share with us will remain strictly confidential. Your personal data are filed separately from the content of your interview, so that nobody can match your opinions with your personal data. Your opinions are accumulated together with the opinions of all respondents participating in each survey, and are presented in the form of percentages in statistical tables.
Με την ολοκλήρωση των ελέγχων ποιότητας που απαιτείται να γίνονται, τα προσωπικά σας στοιχεία (δηλαδή το όνομα, η διεύθυνση και το τηλέφωνο) καταστρέφονται.
After completion of all quality controls that we are obliged to have in each survey, your personal data (ie. name, address, telephone number) are destroyed.

Also see: “What are our obligations towards you?”

Why do you ask for so many of my personal data?

There are two reasons why we need your personal data:
• general demographics(data such as your age, education, area of residence, number of members in your household etc.) help us analyze our results in the various demographic groups and lead us to more detailed conclusions that complete our surveys analyses.
• Personal data (such as your telephone number) allow us to ensure that each interview is real, and that all information recorded by our interviewers are correct and valid, exactly as you have provided them to us (also see a FAQ “why do you ask for my telephone number at the end of the interview?”).