Why did you contact me?

We are one of the largest Market Research Agencies in Greece, conducting every year a large number of studies on behalf of local and international businesses. Through our studies we record consumption trends, preferences and habits among the Greeks in relation to a wide variety of consumer products and services.

Through our surveys, which we design and implement with absolute professionalism, responsibility and respect to participating respondents, we then give our customers valuable guidelines as to the creation or improvement of their products and services offered to you. In fact, we are the “connecting platform”, bridging communication between consumers and manufacturers. Thus, our studies are an opportunity for the “consumers’ voice” to be heard!

In order to conduct our surveys, we contact daily thousands of households all over Greece, either via telephone, or face-to-face, or online, asking for their members to participate in our surveys if they are willing and available. As members of both local SEDEA-AGMORC and international research organisations (ESOMAR , we strictly adhere to all Codes of Ethics and Conduct of our profession, for which we are systematically surveyed and certified.

If you wish to learn more about the surveys conducted by Focus Bari, you can navigate through our pages on this site, while if you wish to have more information particularly on our online surveys, you may visit