FOCUS BARI Research Study Presented at Posidonia YES to Sea Tourism FORUM 2019

Xenia Kourtoglou of FOCUS BARI at Posidonia YES to Sea Tourism FORUM 2019

The Posidonia YES to Shipping/Sea Tourism FORUM is an organization that aims at bringing together the young who are interested in entering a professional career in one of Greece’s main industry—shipping and sea tourism—and FOCUS BARI, a proud sponsor of this initiative supports the event with a specially designed and exclusively conducted research study every year, since 2017.  This year, the study was conducted in two “legs”, one addressing the young, and the other addressing shipping companies which are active in sea tourism/cruises/yachting.  Results revealed both populations opinions, perceptions and expectations from each other, as well as their proposals on how to improve and develop this cooperation and Xenia Kourtoglou presented the main findings at the special conference which was held on May 29 at Domotel Kastri, addressing a vast audience. 

You can find the presentation here

Anna Karadimitriou, Speaker at the 6th Digital Banking Forum

One of the most interesting contributions at this year’s 6th Digital Banking Forum which was organized by Ethos Media on March 21, 2019 was Anna Karadimitriou’s, titled “It’s not about Transformation, its’ about Shift”.  Anna has more than 25 years of experience in consumer insights, and with her 5-year specialization and international accreditation on Customer Experience (CXPA), is one of the few qualified professionals on CX in Greece.  Anna’s presentation focused on the Banking Sector, showing how NPS has developed in the last 3 years that Banks are becoming more digitalized, presented successful case studies and concluded with the “Do’s” and “Dont’s” of a successful CX focused organization of today: a shift in the culture, a focus on the customer, and a holistic approach using technology as a vehicle to continuously offer an always improving customer experience that every citizen expects from his/her Bank today.

See the presentation here

Valeria Tsamis presents at ACEO's General Assembly

Valeria Tsamis, Managing Director of Focus Bari, presented the findings of a large-scale Qualitative and Quantitative Study that Focus Bari conducted among ACEO Members (Association of Chief Executive Officers). The presentation took place at ACEO’s General Assembly 2019 which was held on Wednesday, March 6th 2019 at the auditorium of the OTE Academy. The survey’s results were extremely interesting and fruitful, for they comprise a key evaluation tool and a future strategies and tactics guidance mechanism for ACEO.

Do men fall in love more often than women? From Focus Bari for St. Valentine’s day!

We believe in love and we decided to record the facts with numbers!

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Xenia Kourtoglou as a guest inspirational speaker at the C2P Athena Event for ENVOLVE

Coaching 2 Perform is a newly found international corporate coaching and leadership organization, offering its services as a sponsor to ENVOLVE (ex Hellenic Enterpreneurship Award).  C2P organized its first Athena Event on January 21, 2019 at the Athens Intercontinental Hotel, and Xenia Kourtoglou, HEA of 2014 with e-satisfaction gave an inspirational speech titled “The Most Valuable Resource for Long-term Success” which is no other than courage. Xenia went through her 30-year professional career as an entrepreneur step-by-step, presenting 10 points in time where courage was the most valuable resource for her to continue and grow.  Also, as a long-term mentor for startups, youth and women through EGG and I for U, Xenia also described her own development of “What Makes a Startup Successful”, emphasizing that the no.1 “key to success” for any business is its founding team, as well as its human capital as it grows.

See the presentation here

Xenia Kourtoglou as Guest Lecturer at BCA College

Xenia Kourtoglou was invited as a guest speaker tο under and post graduates in Business and Marketing at BCA to speak on Qualitative and Online Research.  In her four-hour session, Xenia introduced the role and importance of consumer insights as a guideline tool for all healthy businesses, and focused on the value of Qualitative Research, which explores in depth consumers attitudes, perceptions, beliefs and motivations; through interaction and case studies all students had the opportunity to learn methodologies, techniques inspired from psychology and practices from an expert in this field.  Also, Xenia Kourtoglou gave students an introduction to online research, emphasizing the basic “do’s and don’t’s” in this developing type of research.

See the session materials here