The first B2B Study on Coaching in Greece by Focus Bari

On November 13, 2019, the 15th HR People Empowerment Forum was conducted at Ktima Ariadni, with Keynote Speaker Dr. Richard Boyatzis, who presented his last book and work titled “Coaching with Compassion” (instead of Coaching with Compliance).  Xenia Kourtoglou of Focus Bari was a guest speaker at the conference, and presented the results of the first B2B Study in Greece regarding Coaching.  Coaching is a growing function among Greek and multinational organizations, aiming a supporting teams in change management, as well as personal and professional goals achievement.  Results indicated that Coaching, although well known as a term, still requires a lot of education as to its function, procedures, prerequisites and benefits, in order to expand further with success.

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Fοcus Bari at Sοcial Media World

Xenia Kourtoglou Founder of Focus Bari Keynote Speaker at the Annual Social Media World

The Annual SOcial Media & e-business world  conference, exhibition and workshops took place at the Divani Caravel Hotel with huge success on September 27, 2019 and Xenia Kourtoglou of Focus Bari was invited as a keynote speaker to present social media through the eyes and the hearts of Greek citizens.  Xenia presented in detail the puzzle of generations in the Greek society, the presence, role and relationship of Greeks with the social media, and the implications they have in people's daily life, in society and in commercial communication of organizations and brands.


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Xenia Kourtoglou, keynote Speaker at YUBOTO BUSINESS MESSAGING CONFERENCE

The first  Business Messaging Conference organized by YUBOTO took place at the beautiful Eleon Loft in Athens, on Friday, September 20, 2019. The conference focused on the rapid growth of the messaging market, as more messaging platforms are expanded globally, and messaging is rapidly becoming one of the main brand campaign vehicles.Guest speakers touched a variety of related subjects, ranging from technology to app creation,while Xenia Kourtoglou focused on the subject of “Installing a 360 Feedback Culture” in the organization.  Xenia explained why constructive feedback is important, how one should distinguish constructive feedback from criticism and evaluation, and how to give and receive feedback in order to be constructive,stressing that feedback is a strong characteristic of a growth mindset.


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Leadership cooperation between Private & Public Sector:Is there hope?

Xenia Kourtoglou as a keynote speaker at Linkage Summer Session with Mike Abrashoff

Xenia Kourtoglou was invited as a keynote speaker at the Linkage Summer Session on Leadership, with Mike Abrashoff—an outstanding, international leadership speaker and author—as a guest speaker.  For the scope of this event, Focus Bari designed and conducted in cooperation with the Linkage team an “extraordinary” B2B study, the results of which were presented at the event.  The study was remarkably successful, as it was completed by 320 leaders and enterpreneurs of the private sector, who expressed their views, attitudes and intentions regarding a possible leadership cooperation between the private and the public sector. Participants stated that it is the public sector who is responsible for inviting them to cooperate, and spontaneously expressed their reservations, as well as their recommendations in order for them to join such a cooperation for the healthy development and growth of our country.  What is also worthnoting is that they all feel that “the momentum is now”, openly expressing their willingness to leave their current position and contribute to the welfare of our national management and economy.

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FOCUS BARI Research Study Presented at Posidonia YES to Sea Tourism FORUM 2019

Xenia Kourtoglou of FOCUS BARI at Posidonia YES to Sea Tourism FORUM 2019

The Posidonia YES to Shipping/Sea Tourism FORUM is an organization that aims at bringing together the young who are interested in entering a professional career in one of Greece’s main industry—shipping and sea tourism—and FOCUS BARI, a proud sponsor of this initiative supports the event with a specially designed and exclusively conducted research study every year, since 2017.  This year, the study was conducted in two “legs”, one addressing the young, and the other addressing shipping companies which are active in sea tourism/cruises/yachting.  Results revealed both populations opinions, perceptions and expectations from each other, as well as their proposals on how to improve and develop this cooperation and Xenia Kourtoglou presented the main findings at the special conference which was held on May 29 at Domotel Kastri, addressing a vast audience. 

You can find the presentation here

Anna Karadimitriou, Speaker at the 6th Digital Banking Forum

One of the most interesting contributions at this year’s 6th Digital Banking Forum which was organized by Ethos Media on March 21, 2019 was Anna Karadimitriou’s, titled “It’s not about Transformation, its’ about Shift”.  Anna has more than 25 years of experience in consumer insights, and with her 5-year specialization and international accreditation on Customer Experience (CXPA), is one of the few qualified professionals on CX in Greece.  Anna’s presentation focused on the Banking Sector, showing how NPS has developed in the last 3 years that Banks are becoming more digitalized, presented successful case studies and concluded with the “Do’s” and “Dont’s” of a successful CX focused organization of today: a shift in the culture, a focus on the customer, and a holistic approach using technology as a vehicle to continuously offer an always improving customer experience that every citizen expects from his/her Bank today.

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