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Xenia Kourtoglou as a guest inspirational speaker at the C2P Athena Event for ENVOLVE

Coaching 2 Perform is a newly found international corporate coaching and leadership organization, offering its services as a sponsor to ENVOLVE (ex Hellenic Enterpreneurship Award).  C2P organized its first Athena Event on January 21, 2019 at the Athens Intercontinental Hotel, and Xenia Kourtoglou, HEA of 2014 with e-satisfaction gave an inspirational speech titled “The Most Valuable Resource for Long-term Success” which is no other than courage. Xenia went through her 30-year professional career as an entrepreneur step-by-step, presenting 10 points in time where courage was the most valuable resource for her to continue and grow.  Also, as a long-term mentor for startups, youth and women through EGG and I for U, Xenia also described her own development of “What Makes a Startup Successful”, emphasizing that the no.1 “key to success” for any business is its founding team, as well as its human capital as it grows.

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Xenia Kourtoglou as Guest Lecturer at BCA College

Xenia Kourtoglou was invited as a guest speaker tο under and post graduates in Business and Marketing at BCA to speak on Qualitative and Online Research.  In her four-hour session, Xenia introduced the role and importance of consumer insights as a guideline tool for all healthy businesses, and focused on the value of Qualitative Research, which explores in depth consumers attitudes, perceptions, beliefs and motivations; through interaction and case studies all students had the opportunity to learn methodologies, techniques inspired from psychology and practices from an expert in this field.  Also, Xenia Kourtoglou gave students an introduction to online research, emphasizing the basic “do’s and don’t’s” in this developing type of research.

See the session materials here

Xenia Kourtoglou, Guest Speaker at the Annual DIY Conference

The Annual DIY Conference 2018 was conducted on December 5 at the Maroussi Plaza amphitheater; with full participation of all large organizations of the industry, the Conference hosted both local and international speakers to present the latest improvements and developments in this very special market segment. Xenia Kourtoglou of Focus Bari presented the current “Five Generations of Greece”, consumers to whom all organizations are currently called to cater for, as well as the way each of these generations thinks, gets motivated, communicates and interacts with brands, products and services

Xenia Kourtoglou, co-founder of I for U, awarded by George Patoulis

The Annual conference of KEDE (Central Union of Municipalities of Greece), took place on December 5 at the Athens Divani Caravel Hotel. Within the context of the Conference, a special event concerning the municipalities planned activities to support women entrepreneurship was organized, where the results of relevant discussions were presented. Also, the President, George Patoulis spoke about the importance of women enterpreneurs and Municipalities plans of activities, and awarded all women business associations and organisations. To this end, Xenia Kourtoglou was awarded as a co-founder and Board member of I for U, Greek Mentoring Network (

Xenia Kourtoglou, a guest speaker at the 14th e-business & innovation Forum

The 14th e-business and innovation forum was conducted with great success on December 4, at the Athens Concert Hall; attendees were high level executives from all industries of retail and e-commerce. Xenia Kourtoglou of Focus Bari was a guest speaker as every year, and presented the latest trends of Greek consumers and their relationship with technology and e-commerce. Also, the presentation touched upon the very important issue of CX Culture Transformation, a key success parameter of all international megabrands, and revealed topline findings of a recent survey regarding consumers attitudes, intentions and habits to share their opinions and degree of satisfaction with the organizations they interact with.