Xenia Kourtoglou is a guest speaker at the 2nd Conference of Regional Publishers

The second National Conference of Regional Publishers took place in Nafplion on November 17, 2018. Speakers and presenters discussed with the audience the numerous challenges currently faced by the regional print media both due to the dynamically increasing electronic media, as well as the new tax regulations imposed by the Government. Discussions also extended to the many future alternatives regional press is faced with regarding the future, as well as best European practices to this end.

Xenia Kourtoglou was a guest speaker regarding the future of “paper”-print media and “paper reading” in general, in an era where people are more and more getting accustomed to acquiring content through the digital offerings coming from the three different screens that they are exposed to: television, mobile phone, laptop.Xenia Kourtoglou’s presentation was titled “Paper : is our first love lasting for ever?” and presented Greeks’ current habits and attitudes, what is changing and what remains stable, and which are the best ways that “paper”-print media and “paper reading” in general can remain among Greeks beloved habits.