Leadership cooperation between Private & Public Sector:Is there hope?

Xenia Kourtoglou as a keynote speaker at Linkage Summer Session with Mike Abrashoff

Xenia Kourtoglou was invited as a keynote speaker at the Linkage Summer Session on Leadership, with Mike Abrashoff—an outstanding, international leadership speaker and author—as a guest speaker.  For the scope of this event, Focus Bari designed and conducted in cooperation with the Linkage team an “extraordinary” B2B study, the results of which were presented at the event.  The study was remarkably successful, as it was completed by 320 leaders and enterpreneurs of the private sector, who expressed their views, attitudes and intentions regarding a possible leadership cooperation between the private and the public sector. Participants stated that it is the public sector who is responsible for inviting them to cooperate, and spontaneously expressed their reservations, as well as their recommendations in order for them to join such a cooperation for the healthy development and growth of our country.  What is also worthnoting is that they all feel that “the momentum is now”, openly expressing their willingness to leave their current position and contribute to the welfare of our national management and economy.

See the study’s basic findings here