The first B2B Study on Coaching in Greece by Focus Bari

On November 13, 2019, the 15th HR People Empowerment Forum was conducted at Ktima Ariadni, with Keynote Speaker Dr. Richard Boyatzis, who presented his last book and work titled “Coaching with Compassion” (instead of Coaching with Compliance).  Xenia Kourtoglou of Focus Bari was a guest speaker at the conference, and presented the results of the first B2B Study in Greece regarding Coaching.  Coaching is a growing function among Greek and multinational organizations, aiming a supporting teams in change management, as well as personal and professional goals achievement.  Results indicated that Coaching, although well known as a term, still requires a lot of education as to its function, procedures, prerequisites and benefits, in order to expand further with success.

 See the presentation here