Focus Bari opinion poll just before the start of the second national lockdown

According to Focus Bari latest survey among a national sample of 1980 aged 16+, only 56% of Greek people perceive Covid-19 to be a real, “tangible and existing” danger, with the rest ranging from those who simply express doubts to those at the extreme end who believe that the whole “Covid-19 issue” is a non-existing, fiction story, created to serve high-end “economic games”.  Naturally, those who believe Covid-19 to be an actual,  existing danger for human health, are more likely to keep safety and protection measures, such as wearing a mask properly, using antiseptics, avoiding person to person interactions, etc.

Of course, all these attitudes are just a “photograph” of today.  We are experiencing an era of constant changes, and things may change actually from one day to the other.  You can download Focus Bari most recent survey on Covid-19 here, and stay tuned for our next survey within the next few days.