2 out of 3 Greeks positive towards Covid 19 vaccination - New Focus Bari study

According to the latest results of Focus Bari | YouGov survey conducted in 21 countries in June 2021, and also according to all the “waves” of the study which has been conducted systematically by Focus Bari in Greece, it is found that:

  • 68% of Greeks say they have had the covid vaccine or have a set appointment to have it or are definitely going to have it soon.
  • The proportion of “refusers” is impressively higher among younger ages, while a steady proportion (slightly above one in ten) is observed among all age groups.
  • In comparison to 20 other countries around the globe that were covered in the survey, Greece is found at the lower end in terms of proportion of vaccinated population/overall positive population towards the covid vaccine..

The presentation of results can be found here