Exceptional Survey Findings on DIY/Home Improvement by Focus Bari

The 2019 Annual DIY/Home Improvement Conference took place on December 4 at the Maroussi Plaza; the event was “packed” by an enormous amount of participants representing the whole industry of Home Improvement, ranging from garden specialists to energy providers, and all the latest success stories and practices were presented by international and local outstanding speakers.  Focus Bari, was the Research Sponsor of the Conference, and Xenia Kourtoglou presented the very interesting findings of a large-scale national survey which investigated Greek consumers attitudes, habits and practices regarding their relationship with their home.  Results revealed that almost all Greeks have made at least one major home improvement in either their permanent or vacation residences, and that there is a gradually increasing involvement of consumers in personal work regarding home improvement in all relevant aspects: restoration, renovation, decoration/aesthetics, energy improvement, smart homes etc.

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Focus Bari “photographs” concurrent social issues at THE END CONCEPT

The END CONCEPT is an initiative born and developed by Elena Georgana of BRB Concepts; its objective is to “Put an END” to all the social phenomena currently faced by our society, with special emphasis on children, teens and young adults.  As technological, social, political, and economic conditions are rapidly changing, and within a traditional education system that seems to “emprison” childrens creativity and spontaneity, our society suffers more and more by phenomena such as addictions, depression, bullying, racism, etc. that scare people and leads them to abandon their dreams and reduce their creativity.  The END Concept, through its first festival, its e-book and its attraction of a large team of volunteers, aims at bringing these phenomena “to the light” and help start facing them.  Focus Bari, also a volunteer sponsor for this initiative, designed and conducted a survey to “measure” the extent of each one of the 12 phenomena in the current Greek society, as well as people’s opinions and attitudes towards their solution.  Xenia Kourtoglou presented the very interesting findings of this survey at THE END Festival, and discussed them at a brainstorming session with the audience, thus supporting this excellent cause.

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Xenia Kourtoglou speaks about Total Business Transformation at Infocom World 2019

The most successful Conference and Exhibition Infocom World 2019 on Telcos, Technology & Digital took place at the Divani Caravel Hotel on November 26, 2019.  Addressing more than a thousand participants, Xenia Kourtoglou of Focus Bari presented—as every year since 2005—the latest trends of the Focus on Tech Life National Survey, showing the current status of Greek citizens’ relationship and basic habits regarding technology, social media, e-commerce and the digital world.  As Xenia Kourtoglou mentioned in her speech, Greek consumers not only “lead the way” to digital transformation, but actually adopt tech habits in everyday life in such a way, as to drastically motivate organizations towards a new business model.  Xenia spoke about the need for a “Total Business Transformation”, actually referring to the need for organizations to review their mission, their philosophy and the way they lead their people, putting Customer Experience as their major mission.  Aligning all employees to this mission, every “cell” of the organization becomes smarter in operation, while digital transformation comes in as a vehicle to facilitate the roadmap to this mission, which is none else than a “seamless & effortless, end-to-end Customer Experience” in all organizations’ touchpoints.

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Xenia Kourtoglou presents the Current Image of Pharmaceutical Companies among Greek Consumers

The B2B Reputation Pharma Conference 2019 took place on November 20, 2019 at Zappeion Aigli, with a vast participation of representatives and top executives of all pharmaceutical companies operating in Greece, both Greek and multinational.  The conference touched upon all major issues concerning the specific industry in our country, including challenges, opportunities and factors/conditions affecting the operation of pharmaceutical companies in Greece.  Focus Bari has been the Research Sponsor of the Conference, having designed and conducted a major quantitative study among Greek citizens regarding their views, opinions and attitudes towards both Greek and multinational pharmaceutical companies and industries.  A similar study had been designed and conducted by Focus Bari in 2004, and a lot of the findings of the present study have been compared to the one of 15 years ago, displaying the differences occurred within this period of time.

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The first B2B Study on Coaching in Greece by Focus Bari

On November 13, 2019, the 15th HR People Empowerment Forum was conducted at Ktima Ariadni, with Keynote Speaker Dr. Richard Boyatzis, who presented his last book and work titled “Coaching with Compassion” (instead of Coaching with Compliance).  Xenia Kourtoglou of Focus Bari was a guest speaker at the conference, and presented the results of the first B2B Study in Greece regarding Coaching.  Coaching is a growing function among Greek and multinational organizations, aiming a supporting teams in change management, as well as personal and professional goals achievement.  Results indicated that Coaching, although well known as a term, still requires a lot of education as to its function, procedures, prerequisites and benefits, in order to expand further with success.

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Fοcus Bari at Sοcial Media World

Xenia Kourtoglou Founder of Focus Bari Keynote Speaker at the Annual Social Media World

The Annual SOcial Media & e-business world  conference, exhibition and workshops took place at the Divani Caravel Hotel with huge success on September 27, 2019 and Xenia Kourtoglou of Focus Bari was invited as a keynote speaker to present social media through the eyes and the hearts of Greek citizens.  Xenia presented in detail the puzzle of generations in the Greek society, the presence, role and relationship of Greeks with the social media, and the implications they have in people's daily life, in society and in commercial communication of organizations and brands.


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