Radio Audience Measurement in Attica (ΑΕΜΑR - BARI survey)

The specifications of this survey have been finalized in collaboration with AEMAR, the Joint Industry Committee for Attica Radio, consisting of the Association of Privately owned Radio Stations in Attica and the Associaction of Greek Advertising Agencies. The survey is conducted under an Industry contract since 2006.

It is a continuous daily survey (7 days a week) using the technique of Day-after-Recall with CATI technology (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews) for 44 weeks per year, with a daily sample of 180 people (annual sample of 55.440). Results are reported weekly (continuous weekly software update), monthly (top-line results), and in quarterly and by-annual reviews.

The AEMAR BARI Radio Audience Survey stands out for :

• Its complete transparency and traceability provided at all stages of the project, which makes its fully accepted, trusted and respected by the total media and advertising markets. It is the sole Media Survey in Greece that has been congratulated at a European level for its transparency, data safety and traceability (EMRO 2009)

• Its continuous reinvestment in logistics, IT support and personnel training

• Its demanding fieldwork, reporting and deliverables schedule

The AEMAR-BARI survey occupies daily 31 Focus Bari employees (9 staff employees and 22 qualified CATI interviewers), while more than 150 users (radio station executives, advertising agencies and advertisers) are supported and serviced by qualified personnel in media research.

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