Focus on Tech Life

FOCUS BARI has always been monitoring all key developments in the Greek society; to this end, we started measuring the relationship of Greek people with mobile telephony since its launch in 1993; two years later, in 1995 we started measuring the penetration of internet among the Greeks, and that of broadband upon its launch in 2008.

Today, our continuous syndicated FOCUS ON TECH LIFE study comprises of four “legs” (WEB, MOBILE, HOUSEHOLDS, KIDS), covering virtually the total Greek population 13-74 years (8,394,000 individuals), and is the first, multiplatform scientific continuous survey in Greece that consists of two-stages interviews: Telephone CATI interviews and online CAWI, which are completed by respondents themselves at their own time and vehicle. All subscribers receive analytical reports and specialized software, while the study’s topline Focus on Tech Life tips are issued quarterly and shared with 3500 members of our community.

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