Focus on Wisdom

The workshops that we design and conduct at Focus Bari aim at creating and defining the most appropriate strategies and action plans for your business, and, through their group dynamics techniques, succeed in absolutely empowering your working teams.

Workshops: Together we create!

How many times have you enjoyed the presentation of research results and then experience the lack of applying these results in the action plans to follow? Very often valuable research results fail to be adequately exploited to the point that they stay “idle in a file”. In these cases, Focus Bari is your absolutely precious partner to help you stay in the right action.

Our team of experts offer you their knowhow and techniques in co-creating with your teams, using group dynamics and in-depth analyses, until research data become knowledge, knowledge becomes wisdom for your brands, services and projects, wisdom becomes strategies, and strategies are summed down to realistic action plans. Usually, workshops are conducted at your premises and last for a whole working day. Our techniques include team creative games, focus on solutions, empowerment of individual participation, copywriting etc.

Coaching & Mentoring Workshops: Together we grow!

We boast a team of certified Business, Executive & Life Coaches, all experts in human psychology and behavior, with a long experience in research design and analysis; at Focus Bari, we design and conduct tailor-made coaching plans through team workshops and/or one-to-one mentoring sessions, aiming at:

  • Defining where you are today regarding your human capital operation in relation to your organizational mission, vision, values
  • Specifically determine your future goals in terms of the above
  • Planning your roadmap until goal success
  • Pinpointing the right ways and techniques to overcome all obstacles
  • Adopting adequate progress measures and KPI’s
  • Empowering all your people to a new state of working with inspiration, joy and effectiveness, continuously growing their abilities and skills.