Market Research

Focus on Why: Qualitative research at Focus Bari

Within the contemporary context of booming technology and big data, Focus Bari aims at making the best out of the timeless value of Qualitative research; the most direct, exploratory and analytical kind of research is being constantly challenged to adapt to the new environment.

To this end, our long-standing experience with traditional research methods blends in with new methodologies & innovative tools, in order to cover strategic issues that modern entrepreneurs & marketers face.

Based on the business needs of our clients, we design the appropriate research approach that ensures a meaningful, creative and interactive connection with the target audience. Experienced psychologists conduct group discussions, in-depth interviews or ethnographic interviews, while also drawing insights using online & digital tools to unveil consumers (online quali platforms, Facebook groups, creative panels). Such tools offer the advantage of being directly & easily integrated into consumers’ daily lives; through social media, the internet & their smartphones, consumers are free to communicate in their own "language", motivated to create & express their own "story" (text, emoji, quotes, posts, stories, images, videos, etc.), and engaged to participate actively & in real-time (messaging, chat).

At Focus Bari we work hard to deliver insights that are not just facts, but the outcome of a fruitful immersion in your consumer’s world!

Focus on How (& how many): Quantitative Research at Focus Bari

In an era where data is a “commodity” the real need is to go beyond and discern among the figures the business decisions that can really transform your company. 

We are fascinated by looking into each business case individually and allocate the optimum research solutions often combining different approaches and methodologies. While respecting our core values of high quality and accuracy in survey management & data collection – using the latest methods and advanced global software providers – we are passionate in diving into findings and creating a compelling and clear story that leads to actionable recommendations for you. What we dislike most is “another survey that goes under the table”, so we are very meticulous in communicating with you each project’s findings and, if it is the case, act as your guide and partner via tailor made research engagement workshops with all stakeholders involved.

Data Collection at Focus Bari

We are always grateful to our respondents for providing their feedback! That is why we see in data collection as a twofold challenge: while respecting each project’s specifications and our client’s need for optimum budget allocation, we are particularly focused in delivering top respondent experience in every project we undertake. Seeing data collection as our “window” to the valuable audience of respondents – that counts for more than 150.000 individuals annually - we offer a variety of methods CAPI, CATI, CAWI, IVR, but also latest tools for contacting them such as SMS and instant messaging enhancing authentic and spontaneous feedback. Since 2015 we offer multiplatform infrastructure which enables us to conduct mixed method projects by combining methodologies. We are strong advocates of mixed method and agile research designs since they ensure optimum population coverage, clever budget allocation as well as survey experience enhancement in accordance to each target’s profile and technology literacy 

Quantitative Research Solutions

 Some of our solutions include:

• Usage and attitude studies
• Segmentation studies
• Bundle research
• Pricing studies
• Advertising testing and effectiveness
• Mystery shopping surveys (physical store & e-shops)
• Consumer Satisfaction and Loyalty
• Employee Satisfaction and Engagement
• New concept test & product development