Experiences Survey

3 Reasons for enrolling in our Syndicated Experiences Survey

Join a study that directly evaluates Greek consumers’ experiences with a variety of industries, surpassing client lists and touchpoints.

• All experiences are recorded in a random, representative manner, using the “day-after-recall” method, including all channels and all manners of interaction (inbound, outbound, physical, telephone, online etc.), thus allowing evaluation of each experience right after it was created (transactional NPS).

• The study records experiences of 10+ different verticals with in-depth focus on telecommunications, banking and retail

• Fieldwork is conducted daily with the use of an electronic, smartly designed, user friendly questionnaire, via our proprietary online panel (30 consecutive days), amounting to 13.000+ complete interviews, corresponding to 21.000+ experiences among all industries in total.

Customer experience is “cross sectional” and this is the only survey-tool that records experiences with more than ten major industries, giving you benchmarks across all industries, verticals and touchpoints.

• Consumers’ standards on customer experience are formed by the total experiences they live, offered to them by any industry or sector; consequently, their criteria for evaluating your industry are constantly raised, leading outperformers to innovation.
• In our NPS syndicated report, you will find where your industry stands versus the others in our country, and from then on, it is up to you to decide how you will raise standards for your organization and your industry.

A tool which maps industry , as well as each organization’s performance in total and by touchpoint, the reasons behind the NPS scores, and the emotional footprint that your organization and your competition leave behind in your customers’ hearts.

• Often organizations face a great challenge in measuring their performance across channels or between different customer segments, because of the different methods involved, whereas a “day-after” among own and competition’s customers also presents a harassment! Our syndicated NPS study solves all these difficulties, giving you a “one-in-all” picture with a holistic, 360 approach.

• Via a common methodology and large sample of experiences which allow inter-industry and inter-channel comparisons, you can pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses within your organization and versus the total market players.