Are you aiming at a better bottom line?

If your objective is a better bottom line for your business, congrads! A healthy bottom line is of crucial importance nowadays that most of the traditional markets are showing decreasing trends as a result of the huge changes and shifts that are happening in our planet. At Focus Bari, we have helped clients to proceed to better costing solutions coming from different areas of their operation, some of them being:

Optimization of overheads

In the cost reduction process, you can also opt for changes in the way your fixed operation budgets are allocated; either through adopting new internal practices and procedures, or through maximization of employee/HR effectiveness, you can aim at a much better end result costwise! What we have discovered working with clients in these areas is that adequate analyses of internal data and respective employee surveys, help greatly in adopting new cost cutting ways of operation with simultaneous, substantial improvement of employee climate! After all, success always stems from "within": when all employees of a business are happy to be a part of it, they give their best and it's obvious!

Better investment of promotion/comms budget

The continuous changes in the Media scene and comms habits and practices call for respective frequent reviews of your relevant strategies: at Focus Bari, we have developed "products" such as Focus Bari Highlights which keep you updated regarding the top line knowledge that you need in the Greek traditional and new media scene, helping you find ways to reach your consumers in less costly and more effective ways. Moreover, our pioneering services in the digital area open up new ways to Media ROI and campaign evaluation vehicles that can help you make the most of your comms budget!

New product formuli

Changes in raw materials, composition or production procedures may lower production costs without affecting customer experience. If this is endorsed by proper consumer research, then the new formuli can be expanded to full production scale risk-free! So if you are planning such a change, you better conduct the appropriate "blind tests" especially among your loyal consumers before you proceed: at Focus Bari, we have repeatedly conducted such studies on behalf or particularly demanding product categories such as coffee, milk, yoghurt, ready pizzas, baby baths, etc.