Do you want business growth?

Business growth is a major key to your success. This is something we have repeatedly worked on with our clients and it can come-among others-from expansion to new products/ services, new commercial or promotion ways to reach your customers, better understanding of your audience and their needs, etc. Some of the strategies we have extensive experience regarding business growth are:

Creation and development of new products or services

Expanding an already strong brand, stretching into categories which research reveals having adequate potential to bring more business from existing customers and/or attracting new ones to the brand. In our operation, we have repeatedly had the opportunity not only to locate adequate brand extensions for our clients, but also to prevent them from launching umbrella name expansions that would lead them to substantial losses!

New approach to the marketing mix

Either through new product advantages, new channels, new commercial strategies, or new advertising/promotion ways, a brand can grow its sales and market share. Trying new-out of the box-ways in the marketing mix is always fascinating! At Focus Bari we feel that nowadays, there is no box: for example, the "myth" that repeated price offs or discounts are killing the brand image does not exist anymore, since Greek consumers are currently called to live on 30% less income vs. two years ago: this has led a large proportion to private labels, yet, when their lovebrands give them the opportunity of a "smart deal", they stay loyal to them!

In depth, new ways to look at your customer base

Whatever your audience, consumers, professionals, listeners, readers, visitors are etc., we help you study them further and discover among them new opportunities! We have often seen client teams remaining "stuck" because they keep looking at their customer base in the same old segmentation ways: however, solutions are found when we see things differently, and only then we can discover those interesting subgroups that have the potential and intention to give more of their value to our brand! It only takes new ways and platforms to study them, understand their feelings, embrace their needs essentially, and then, not only we will have their loyalty, but they can be our most valuable promoters!