The huge changes happening in the globe and in our country, combined with the need for organizations to review their vision, mission, values, structure, operation and relationship with their customers, place their human capital as their No.1 asset.

Today more than ever, businesses realize that their power is their people, and their own prosperity coincides with their people’s prosperity. Employees in any business need to feel the company’s vision, embrace it, adopt its values and perspectives, and be able to grow while offering their best in order to be engaged and live in prosperity. In this transformation, Coaching and Mentoring are proven to be excellent “tools” that facilitate companies to grow their human capital, offering them the “key” to become sought after workplaces.

To this end, Focus Bari, as an expert in human and behavioral studies, has developed a team of Certified Business & Executive Coaches and Mentors, who design the appropriate workshops and creative groups for your case, base their materials on internal research, and support you and your teams end-to-end, in realizing new structures, perspective, and operation. Our Coaching and Mentoring services help your people learn to operate in a more open-minded, cooperative and aligned manner, fully understanding your customers’ needs, adopt techniques to overcome all obstacles and achieve their goals, while growing themselves and their relations with their colleagues. Focus Bari Coaching and Mentoring Services are addressed both to top level and middle management, as well as all employees in your organization, since everyone in a business belongs to the same “value chain”.