Customer Experience

Focus Bari becomes your valuable, end-to-end partner in your CX Transformation Journey


“It is not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money ... It is the customer who pays the wages." - Henry Ford

Organizations become more and more conscious of the importance of their customers’ experience at all touchpoints and occasions, and its valuable contribution to their business health and sustainability.

However, when tackling the subject, we frequently encounter the challenge: “I don’t know where to start from!” The answer is quite simple, yet very frequently ignored: memorable customer experience starts within the organization! This is why we have developed a team of CX experts, a team that is closely cooperating with your CX team, no matter at what stage you currently are. Combining our long experience in qualitative and quantitative research & understanding of human behavior, with the most updated, state-of-the-art CX tools, such as CX statement workshops and customer journey mappings, we empower your CX team at the starting point, planning all the roadmap and intermediate steps until an adequate, realistic, tailor-made for you, measurable strategy has been developed.


"What gets measured get managed" - Peter Drucker

Helping you understand your customers & bringing you an “outside-in” perspective is what we do best. We cooperate with some of the best, specialized global platforms (Voxco, Qualtrics), our experience and benchmarks come from both the Greek and the International market, and our vision is to help you create a continuous feedback mechanism, which is assisting your team in realizing “close loop actions”. Our contribution covers all relevant targets since CX touches upon your organization’s total human capital: management, employees, customers! And we are closely working with you till you reach your goals, studying and developing optimum KPIs measurements, pinpointing corrective actions, proposing solutions at all levels: data collection, feedback, analyses and reporting.


"If you want to walk far, walk together" - African proverb

We have the pleasure to cooperate with top professional CX experts both in Greece and abroad with whom we share the same values and passion for organizations that truly and honestly place the human element as a top priority.  Whether this concerns tools (free text analytics, e-commerce satisfaction), or needs for training, communication, mentoring and coaching, we have a strong, continuously expanding network of CX professionals, thus we can offer you a holistic, end-to-end support in your CX transformation journey.