Digital transformation

Relax…you are not the only one and you are not alone!
One of our recent B2B surveys among large and medium organisations operating in Greece showed that the No.1 priority for the majority is Digital Transformation, a procedure that has started quite a few years ago for most, but still presents a continuous gap between actual and intended operation. Even among the most tech-advanced companies, the need for “going back to basics” is frequent, putting emphasis on creating user-friendly, responsive websites and apps, “light” enough in order to be fast on mobile devices, as well as UI’s that facilitate consumers to interact effectively with all of the organization’s digital touchpoints; and these of course, to be in line with their offline channels.

Our help in your digital transformation journey comprises of three levels:

We provide you with detailed trend data regarding Greeks relationship with technology and the digital world

We have started measuring the penetration, habits and attitudes of Greeks with mobile telephony since 1993, the internet since 1995, the e-commerce since 2003, the broadband services among households and the social media since 2008, the smartphones and applications since 2010.  We can provide either our standard quarterly reports, or tailor made ones, according to your needs and your specific target groups.  In our days, it is particularly important for any organization to be able to have a detailed picture of how its consumers have adopted technology and digital touchpoints in their everyday life, in order to be able to address them in their own way, thus facilitating their interaction and loyalty to the products/services the organization offers.

Design and implementation of internal surveys

Through which employees’ habits, attitudes, beliefs, and fears can be determined: how do your employees feel in front of the company’s digital transformation plans and what are the best ways and approaches in order for them to embrace it efficiently.   Findings of such surveys,  in combination with the adequate, 360 communication and training activities can assist

Active support as members of your Digital Transformation Project Team

At Focus Bari, we boast an experts team of qualified human behavior specialists and data analysts, who can systematically assist your digital transformation team, especially at the stages of diagnostics, planning of interim steps, and continuous progress measurements, from the beginning of the project until its completion and regular implementation.