Principles of media currency surveys

In Greece, Focus Bari is the most specialized and experienced organization regarding Media Surveys, particularly those comprising the “Industry Currency” surveys. Focus Bari Radio Audience Measurements have been used by the total Advertising market since 1988, and so has Focus Bari National Readership Survey since 1990. We conduct these demanding multi-user studies on a continuous basis, based on international methodology standards which we continually adapt to well established innovations and progress. Also, we stay loyal to Audience Measurements rules and principles, offering high level specifications, transparency and fairness to all measured Media, with respect to the market needs and requirements.
In order to offer this level of service to the Greek market, Focus Bari has been a member of European Media Research Organizations since 1997, an exclusive, specialized network of knowledge, know-how and expertise exchange; as an active EMRO member, we have the honor of European acknowledgement and recognition

Internationally, Industry Currency Media Surveys have a double role: on one hand they comprise a useful “tool” for the Media, offering them valuable information on their contents/program, giving guidelines for changes, marketing activities and building sales kits, and on the other, they offer advertising agencies and advertisers the adequate tool and currency on which they chose and buy the optimum media time and space for their clients advertising campaigns.

At Focus Bari we are proud to boast for our Media Surveys success, a success which stems from our strategy, investment, initiative on the specific research sector since our launch. Our activity relies both on our methodologies and clients support, and in our principles, which have been based on international standards and ensure success and acceptance by all market user groups:

Participation of all user groups in the design of methodologies, specs, deliverables and rules and regulation of each Measurement System
Validity, accuracy and reliability of results, which is ensured by the adoption of adequate measurement techniques for each Media sector, as well as their progress and adaptation to international standards
Provision of control rights to authorized representatives of all user groups, allowing full transparency & traceability at all stages of work in each Measurement System, in order for the Survey to enjoy trust by all relative interested parties
Form and frequency of deliverables according to the needs and particularities of each Media Sector and user groups, and most importantly, exactly similar access to data and deliverables among each user group members, in order to conform to the concept of commonly accepted currency.