One of the most demanding phases in business, a new launch, whatever the market or the target group, will be most successful and risk-free if it is supported by the adequate research work at the appropriate stages.

Even if you believe that pre-launch research will take up time and budgets you cannot afford, change your mind and plan for it: it is certain that your end profit will be much higher than pre-launch research costs; after all, nowadays research can be conducted through new, advanced, cost and time effective ways and the only thing you need is never forget to add research in your "ammunition" bag!

We are sure that you know your business and your market better than anyone and you surely have a vast experience and great knowledge of your industry; however, you are too involved in your plans and you lack this necessary "third party", objective view! At Focus Bari we take you "across the river" safely, we put you in the shoes of your potential customer, we help you understand how he/she feels and operates, and we put you those questions that when you get "YES" for an answer, you ensure success guarantee in your launch.

If you plan a new launch, contact us and we will work with you on:

  • What is exactly the size and type of your audience, and what are those subgroups within in that will ensure the sales size that you plan? Is pareto law working for you or not?

  • What are the attitudes, beliefs and values set of your customers, and how is your new proposition conforming with them in their life context?

  • In what ways is your potential target group currently covering the needs you aim at covering with your new product/service, or if you are addressing a new need, how strong, conscious and motivating is it?

  • What is your exclusive, unique, competitive advantage, what will your consumer find in your proposition so strongly that he/she will be driven out of his/her previous habits and come to you?

  • What are the best ways, vehicles and contact solutions that will lead you to reach your audience, surprise it pleasantly, move it emotionally, embrace it with care so that you get its approval, preference, and loyalty in return?

Forming a dedicated team with you, we can answer all the above questions together, as well as any others you have before your launch, and help you transform them into adequate guidelines to base the successful blueprint.