Are you examining a startup?

Either if you have a brilliant, innovating idea and are looking for potential investors, or if you are on the investors side and are examining a new startup proposition, we strongly recommend you to RESEARCH IT FIRST! At Focus Bari we have seen that even from the early stages of turning an idea into execution, market/consumer research will ensure potential success, since any innovation will be adopted in practice only if it covers some basic, "classic" prerequisites which remain unchanged across the years:

How solidly does it improve your consumers lives, the way THEY judge it?

Does your innovative idea covers essentially at least one level of its potential target's needs? Can it enter their lives smoothly, and find its place there? At Focus Bari we have since our launch realized that emotional needs are frequently crucial in consumer preferences, and these can only be revealed and expressed by consumers themselves! So forget about your own, rational criteria regarding the success of your innovation for a while, and contact us to help you get to the heart of your potential customer base, exactly where you can find the ways to conquer them!

How scalable is your innovative startup?

Is it addressing locally or does it have international market potential? Νowadays "there are no country boundaries" for emerging, innovative markets, and if you want to conquer them, we, at Focus Bari can help you find your way to success not only in the Greek market, but in any other country you address with your new venture!

How effectively can you turn your idea to execution in order to guarantee success?

(Look into the previous submenu "Νew launch", for some of the basic success keys of this phase). Let's not forget that we all frequently refer to the quote "It's not about an idea, it's about execution"!

What makes a startup successful?

At Focus Bari, we have designed and conducted the only exclusive "Experts Opinions" study through which we have arrived at a simple, 15-stone Pyramind regarding the way a startup can reach unlimited success! Whatever the stage you are at and whatever your relation to a new startup is, contact us and we can work together to ensure your position in the pyramid, to outline your needs with accuracy, and to support you in designing the adequate blueprint for your way to the top!