Creating the “What”

Focus Bari, a Greek, privately owned Research Agency, was launched in September 1988 by a team of specialized, experienced and well established market researchers. Aiming at the development of new and specialized Market Research sectors, investing primarily in its people, and always operating according to its philosophy and strong values, Focus Bari soon became one of the top Market Research Agencies in Greece, with a leading position in Media Research.

Since its launch in 1988, Focus Bari designs and conducts the Industry Currency Surveys for Radio and Press, used by all the advertising market in Greece. In 1993, Focus Bari started measuring Greeks' habits with Mobile Telephony, and in 1995 launched Web. iD, the only National, continuous off line Survey on Greek people's relation with technology and the internet, social media and e-commerce, and how these form Greek society's new, everyday life.

In 2005, Focus Bari won the first JIC Survey contract for the Attica Radio Audience Measurement, on behalf of AEMAR (The Industry body of EIIRA, the Union of Private Radio Station Owners in the Attica area).

Focus Bari data are constantly referred to and published by all the advertising market local and multinational organizations, the industry of technology and telecoms, the Universities, and all syndicated and Media surveys of Focus Bari are acknowledged and/or endorsed by the relative official bodies/organizations.

In parallel, Focus Bari is dynamically active in the area of ad hoc, tailor made marketing research studies and projects, having cooperated with virtually all active local and multinational organizations and businesses: Focus Bari is frequently "behind" successful business developments, brands, advertising campaigns and strategic decisions/ventures of its clients locally and internationally.

Today, 30 highly talented work permanently at Focus Bari in Athens and Salonica, cooperating with a team of 120 exclusive interviewers and field supervisors, supported by an infra-structure of 40 CAPI and 60 CATI stations, and the largest, online private panel of 12.000 panelists for online surveys.

Focus Bari uses the most successful, international, specialized market research software: CONVERSO, VOXCO , and the specialized Media Software SESAME.

Operating according to the Greek Law regarding Market Research Agencies members of AGMORC (Association of Greek Market & Opinion Research Companies), Focus Bari is registered at the following records:

  • The Radio and Television Research Enterprises Record according to article 11 of the Greek Law 2328/1995 (Official Government Paper A' 159), under number 13.
  • The Transparency Control Record of the Greek National Council for Ra-dio and Television (NCRTV) according to article 6 of the Presidential Decree No 310/96, under number 43
  • The Opinion Polling Enterprises Record of the Department of Transpa-rency Control of the Greek National Council for Radio and Television (NCRTV) under number 15.