Individual and industry interests coincide!

At Focus Bari we believe that whatever is good for an individual member of a society is exactly the same for the whole society: it is very important and within the scope of our operation to offer our best to our Market Research community; promoting high industry standards through the model of our own operation and through our volunteer work for our market, our whole industry is promoted, enjoying a strong presence in the country. After all, it is this country’s citizens who give us their valuable opinions, our basic source of information: so we owe primarily to them an industry which is solid, healthy and operates along the right rules, regulations and codes of standards and ethics.

Since its launch, Focus Bari has been actively involved in the Market Research Community with continuous support towards the healthy growth and development of the local industry, its operation in line with the international standards and guidelines for the Market Research Profession & Businesses, as well as the formalization and acknowledgement of our Profession by the Greek State. Xenia Kourtoglou, Founder and Managing Partner of Focus Bari has been an ESOMAR member since 1985, Focus Bari has been a founding member of AGMORC (Association of Greek Market and Opinion Research Companies), of which Xenia Kourtoglou has been the Vice President for 8 years, while Valeria Tsamis, Focus Bari CEO is an AGMORC board member for 8 years, and currently Vice President.

Moreover, Focus Bari is actively involved in the industries of Communications, Media (Traditional and Digital), Technology and Telecoms, offering personal time/ mentoring, exclusive B2B and B2C tailor made research projects, training sessions & seminars, as well as support & presentations in events and conferences that aim at the education, progress and development of these business communities.

Some of the Associations/Organisations which Focus Bari is supporting are EEDE (Hellenic Company of Business Administration), EDEE (Association of Greek Advertising Agencies), EEET (TV Audience Measurement Control Committee), SDE (Greek Association of Advertisers), EASE (Union of Leading Business Professionals), IEP (Institute of Communication), SEV (Association of Greek Manufacturers), AMCHAM (American Hellenic Chamber of Commerce), CEO Clubs, while Focus Bari contribution in the Digital Community began in 2000, when Xenia Kourtoglou was an founding member of IAB Hellas “pre-launch” committee (Interactive Advertising Bureau Hellas), and a member of IAB Hellas BoD for years.

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