In an era where most business owners understand that “there are no countries, there are only markets”, an era where geographic boundaries practically don’t exist, and children are brought up to become “citizens of the world”, international networking is a “must” for an agency like Focus Bari.

Since our launch, we develop international expertise in Greece, and have ever since kept active participations in international networks such as IRIS and EMRO, which give us presence and activity in 58 countries all around the globe’s 5 continents. Thus, we are constantly updated in state-of-the-art, latest technologies in our field, and able to expand our projects internationally on behalf of our multi-country operating clients.

Cooperating with excellent market research professionals across the globe has also given us the opportunity to promote our work and local developments outside our country, especially in the area of Media Research, where we have been repeatedly awarded and received a great deal of appraisals!

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