Feeling the “How”:
People – Inspiration – Creativity

At Focus Bari, our “lense” is focused primarily on people, all our people: employees, suppliers, clients, respondents, organisations, state, society, humanity as a whole! Our philosophy stems from our deep belief that all humans have the same needs for security, change, importance and connection, irrespective of their demographics, profession, position, origin, personality or tech savviness. Consequently, as specialists in humanitarian study, we “decode” human behavior and comprise ever since our birth the basic “connecting force” between brands and consumers, media and audiences, state and citizens.

At Focus Bari, inspiration stems from people and is redirected to people through creativity! What really fascinates us is the continuous exploration, “photograph” and study of society’s constant changes, both as a result of the planet’s evolution and as a guideline for healthy and responsible future growth.

Since our launch, in September 1988, our values are exactly the same, reflected in all our choices and decisions and summarized in 6 “pairs”:

• Honesty & Consistency
• Reliability & Integrity
• Specialization & Creativity
• Initiative & Investment
• Innovation & Pioneering
• Flexibility & Agility

Nowadays, the individual empowerment is rapidly increasing across the globe; thus, inspiration & creativity comes from everyday people, and Focus Bari offers exactly that: making the most of market research “tools”, adapted to contemporary methods, techniques and approaches, leading to simple, straight and essential solutions! For us, today’s global changes unveil unique challenges for people, corporations and brands with boldness, enthusiasm and passion for what they do!