FOCUS BARI- Affiliate Partner of YouGov in Greece

As of June 1, 2020, Focus Bari is the Affiliate Partner of YouGov in Greece

After 32 years of successful operation in the Greek market, and enjoying an international reputation, we proceeded boldly, during the difficult, pandemic 2020, in accepting the honoured invitation of YouGov, the most rapidly growing online research & data analytics group, to become their affiliate partner in Greece.

The common element in our vision is the word “connection”. Through this strategic partnership we empower the connection of our customers’ brands with their own customers—the consumers, while connecting Greece with an international online research network, which “listens to the voice” of 9.6 million people in 44 countries worldwide!

Making this step, we make a leading move once again, positioning our company and our industry at the next level. Through two international and highly innovative research tools, such as Brandindex and Profiles, and through easy-to-use software which are updated with new data almost real-time, we offer businesses and brand teams substantial and effective single-source solutions, which enable them to plan their actions and evaluate their brand in important KPIs so that they make informed decisions!

Plan & Track

Through our partnership with YouGov, we have launched in Greece the unique Plan & Track solution system, allowing all business decisions to be taken risk-free, though the “eyes and heart” of each brand’s target group.

The combination of these two outstanding tools, supports all your business steps, making the most of a huge wealth of data and insights stemming from one unique source: your consumer, with whom we communicate and follow on a regular, daily basis!

customer experience

Brandindex is YouGov’s flagship with thousands of subscribers worldwide. A daily syndicated brand tracking study, always “switched on”, which measures on a daily basis hundreds of sectors and thousands of brands around the globe. It records a brand’s performance across 16 KPIs related to brand presence, brand health and relation with consumers. Results are available to its subscribers via a web-based portal renewed with new data on a weekly basis. From this portal they have access to all sectors and brands in the market(s) to which they subscribe and the ability to receive continuous and actionable understanding of how a brand is perceived by consumers.

Profiles is a 360o syndicated audience profiling, segmentation and media planning tool which allows you to build and customize a consumer portrait based on demographics, attitudes, lifestyle, media in combination with key brand metrics as measured in BrandIndex. Delivered through Crunch, a YouGov web-based proprietary survey analysis platform, with data updated on a weekly basis, it makes it simple to identify, understand and plan how to reach the audiences that matter most to you.

It is by no chance that our solutions’ data is highly relevant to any organization in real-time:

“YouGov’s Plan & Track solution is the first subscription that our CMI Team (Consumer & Market Insights) renewed last year. Their data has been cited in press releases, tweeted about by our CEO, and regularly incorporated into C-level reporting. We use the data every day across our business to make key decisions and stay one step ahead of the competition. We’ve leveraged both the brand tracking system (BrandIndex) and consumer segmentation tool (Profiles) to the max!”

Director of Brand & Advertising Research, T-Mobile, US